FITAID Moxie Bra

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The FITAID Moxie Bra is super comfortable with excellent support and looks super cute from the back! How the straps lie over the shoulders give you extra support and don’t restrict your back for movements like muscle ups, butterfly pull-ups, kettle bell swings and more! The FITAID Moxie Bras were designed to fit the everyday athlete and offer maximum comfort, even for a more muscular feminine build. The custom nylon/lycra fabric blend allows this bra to move with you during your toughest workouts, all while bringing fashion and style right along with it! They also come with removable pad inserts for maximum support. 

XS- 78-82c,  S- 83-87cm, M- 88-94cm, L- 95-100cm, XL- 102-110cm If you are on the edge of two sizes and have a bigger bust (C or Above) we would recommend going up a size!